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Adadahs having highly experienced team who are best of a breed working on all our projects consistently and we are kenned for timely distribution and have done most of the projects in a popular way. We do our work with almost care and standard which integrates us a credit and for our magnification.

Adadahs expecting our team will be reached in the world according to our cost efficacious, timely distributing and standard solutions. Advertisement is one of our handling areas within web as well as in the field areas and through media's additionally.

The prime objective of Adadahs team is to provide world wide information about sophisticated systems. We optate to engender a sizably voluminous network and reach all the people in the world. Our team is surpassing all its prospects and that too in an exponential fashion.




Adadahs accomplishing web, print and animation solutions. Our web solution includes static, dynamic, flash website development. Web designing, 2D, 3D animations, Corporate flash presentations and web hosting with cost efficacious, dedicated and timely manner.

Our printing solutions include designing brochures, posters, logos, banners, flex, hoarding, tag, flyer, sticker, paper ad, invitations and photo editing. We are developing system and as well as web oriented Softwares and Software Testing.

Adadahs providing Excellent artists qualitied Illustrating Art works and they are yare to provide Art on Sale in all type of hand drawings and digital drawings.


Adadahs provide accommodations and solutions on the full set of Accounts in Malaysia. Eg., balance sheet, income verbal expression, cash flow verbal expression and tribulation balance. We are expertise in accounting and are perform predicated on the Financial Reporting Standard (FRS).



Adadahs Culture organises the Tours to visit Sundry Temples and Sightseeing Aestival Vacation at Tamilnadu, Andra, Kerala in India. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Combodia - Ankor wat.


Adadahs do sell garments of Womens wear such as churidars, party wear, salwar kameez, boutiques, designer wear, synthetic dress material, choli, exclusive Tops, dupattas, stoles, leggings, sarees items, Kids and Mens accumulation.

Arts & Crafts

Adadahs brings you high quality art work from the highly aptitudinal professionals who are yare to do an excellent art work. We are doing all type of art work accommodations for art seekers and as well as Souvenir Craft items.

Medical Tour

Predicated on complication of health major quandaries, adadahs is to provide Accommodations for all type of Medical Surgeries at low Cost efficacious treatments with Excellent result which is provided by Specialized Surgeons and Medicos in India.



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